‘Chiropractic’ comes from a combination of the Greek word ‘chiro’ and ‘praktikis’, meaning ‘done by hand’.  By and large, chiropractic treatment is manipulation by hands, be that of the joints or of the soft tissues. 

Chiropractic is a unique branch of manual therapy geared towards dis-ease of the musculo-skeletal concerns.  Backed by scientific evidence and research, Chiropractic focus on the relationship between the skeletal and muscular systems, as well as the nervous system that commands and maintains the communication between the two systems.  In simpler terms, chiropractic serves the whole musculo-skeletal system as well as the nervous system that runs behind it.


There are several components involved in any injury.  Bone is usually involved with more severe injuries.  Joint injury can range from minor restrictions to severe dislocations.  Soft tissues injuries, which can include muscles, tendons and ligaments, usually involve with some breakage and repair of the tissue fibres.  Inflammatory response and scar tissues thus followed would lead to shortening and tightening of the affected tissues, be that of the muscle, tendons, or ligaments, impeding the flexibility and functionality. 

The altered flexibility will inadvertently burden the major function of the soft tissues in moving bones, as well as maintaining position (posture or anchorage for movement).  To further complicate the dysfunctional bio-mechanical chain, the mechanical restriction of the injured joint would further add further loads to the musculo-skeletal system leading to pain, stiffness and loss in proper range of motion.